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Information Technology

Ci2 approaches IT Differently. We're not focused on "device or user counts" - we're focused on your entire IT eco-system and how it is serving and delivering the services and productivity for which it's intended.

Managed IT Services

At Ci2, Managed IT Services means enabling your team to feel good and perform great.

Ci2 can take care of almost everything:

  • Staff support, training, onboarding, offboarding, security and phishing awareness
  • Licensing, Hardware, procurement and provisioning
  • Networking, Wi-Fi, ISP performance
  • Microsoft 365 Tenant management, empowerment for your team
  • IT policy resources, standards, and assistance
  • Dev Team support and enablement
  • Power BI, Large Data and Reporting Assistance
  • Accounting and Cloud based ERP and CRM solutions support
  • Hosting, Data Sharing and business to business connectivity
  • Conference Rooms, Boardrooms, Audio Visual needs

Ci2 Managed Services puts your organization's people and business objectives first.

It doesn't matter where things are at currently, Ci2 can get your organization moving in the direction it needs to go with the resources and budget currently available. Often it's not just about the hardware, software, or cloud solution, it's about the implementation and the optimization of that solution so that it yields the desired results.

At Ci2, "Managed IT" means "holistic IT" - considering the entire environment from all angles including budget, culture, history, vision, etc.

Ci2 is a true strategic partner in Managed IT services because we're different. We bring the leadership and strategic insight as well as the expertise.

"No matter what your situation is, Ci2 can work quickly to take the stress away and get things moving in a vastly improved direction."

IT Infrastructure Consulting, Design, and Special Projects

Sustainable, Scalable, Secure, and Recoverable

High Performance and Always Available

On Budget, On Time.

These are the principles that Ci2 brings to every IT project.

Secure rooms of blinking lights and humming fans have become the backbone of today's commerce and communication. These rooms and the infrastructure that connects them are Ci2's specialty.

Ci2 has the team and expertise to assist your organization with any need or project:

  • Datacenters
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Server and Communication Rooms
  • Fibre and Structured Cabling
  • Power
  • Wi-Fi Infrastructure
  • Switching
  • Zero Trust Architecture
  • DR and Business Continuity

Ci2 can make a very positive contribution to your next project.