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Cyber Security

Your cybersecurity and risk management is Ci2's first priority.

Ci2 will make a difference within hours of being engaged with your organization.

Cybersecurity, Risk Management, Consulting, and Services

Ci2 has the experience and tools to identify gaps and close them fast. We do understand that no one has an unlimited budget so it's necessary to prioritize and identify the protections and countermeasures that make the most sense for every unique situation.

Ci2 follows and believes in the 18 CIS Controls:

The goal of these "controls" is to assist government, business, and organizations of all types, to mature their IT operations.

Information Technology Standards have really matured in the last decade. IT is no longer dominated by personal opinions and gurus. Nowadays, frameworks like the CIS Controls provide common reference points for all IT experts, company management, insurers, to standardize on.

Ci2 has the experience and technical understanding to quickly achieve progress in the area of IT Controls. Once engaged, we work quickly to identify priorities and provide a roadmap that is personalized for your organization.

"We now have the benefit of groups like CIS that publish universal standards for which to measure and initiate changes. These are the same standards that insurance companies, legal, and auditing firms use to evaluate risk and fiduciary duty."

Disaster Readiness

Disaster Readiness & Incident Response

The horror of being unprepared for an IT outage or cybersecurity incident is preventable.

Ci2's goal is to bring understanding for what's in place, what's not in place, what's needed and what the plan will be if or when an incident occurs. AND, we also test the plan.

The Ci2 team can help your peace of mind by making sure you understand where the risks are so that countermeasures and mitigation strategies can be approved and implemented ahead of time.

Many events are foreseeable, the key is being prepared.

Whether you're in a disaster or wanting to be prepared.