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Interesting Items

Do you know where The Matrix code came from? The production designer who created it does...

In one of the most viewed TED Talks ever, Sir Ken Robinson asks, “Do schools kill creativity?”

Be Creative and Throw Away the Instructions: A Lesson From a Four-Year-Old

John DeFeo outlines Google's Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines in "How Google 'Looks' for High Quality Websites"

Applying Pixar’s Rules of Storytelling to Product Managers & UX Designers

Chris Jackson, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft on the perils of using Internet Explorer as your default browser

This 90s throwback website for the new Captain Marvel movie is pretty rad!

Looks like a writer by the name of Jakub Linowski found some interesting Netflix homepage redesign A/B testing

Here are some incredible cartoonish animations by Markus Magnusson

A '10 Year Challenge' look into various popular website design changes from 2009 to 2019

'Can't Unsee' challenges your ability to spot correct design choices with their comparison test

Turns out learning math can pay off! Learn about a retired couple that figured out how to legally game a Michigan state lottery

Astronomers have detected mysterious radio signals from deep space. A highly rotating neutron star could be the culprit

The Center for American Politics and Design is tracking how American politicians market themselves and the amount of design required is increasing rapidly

Koos Looijesteijn lays out how we all see colours differently

It looks like Google has taken its first steps toward moving away from the URL as we know it

Pantone unveils its first colour based on a comedian...
Interesting Item   ·   Here are some incredible cartoonish animations by Markus Magnusson