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Good is the enemy of great

This axiom is baked into Ci2’s DNA. When it comes to technology, we believe that simple is often beautiful and sometimes new isn’t necessarily better. We’re always trying to “keep it real” and “keep it effective” knowing that every dollar is scarce and every decision has a long term impact.

We will help your organization excel and grow

Ci2’s posture is proactive, not reactive. Our goal is to use our experience to lead with excellence, provide stellar service and technical skills, and be excellent communicators, guides to help your organization excel and grow.

Ci2 Delivers:

Value added implementation and support of new technologies

Staff training to ensure maximum benefit

Responsive & flexible completion of all tasks

Consistent, reliable, standardized, and enriched software & hardware configurations

Prompt, personalized, remote & on-site support & training

Asset lifecycle management, loss prevention, and procurement of hardware and software

Delivering Value Every Day

Experience has taught us that organizations are looking for informed technical leadership, excellent service, great expertise, depth of experience, and enduring commitment that is delivered by a dedicated team.

Ci2 has several specialized platform teams that empower us to deliver exceptional solutions and peace of mind. These include risk management, procurement, network security, data protection, software provisioning, and optimized “user experience” software standards. Because of our capabilities with software development, creative marketing, and web based technologies.

Ci2 delivers a one-stop-shop, integrated, and broadly skilled team that is similar to the larger national firms but without the cost, salesmanship, and red tape.

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