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We are thinkers, tinkerers, builders, and brainstormers.

We have a dedicated team for everything creative at Ci2. We work tirelessly to meet all of your businesses requirements, even some you didn't think of.

Here are a few samples of our work and what the clients had to say about it...

Thanks again for all of your hard work in making data collection more enjoyable?!?!

Christine Scherer-Smith

High River Parent Link Centre

You guys are awesome! It looks so good!

Megan Parss

SMP Engineering

This looks good - thanks for your help!

Jeff Swart

Remedy Engineering

Do you make all your customers this happy?!

Deborah Coult


Looks great! Great talking with you.

Robert Pound

McArthur Furniture

You guys were great to work with and did a fantastic job!

Mat Loewen

Mustang Rentals Ltd.

I was just on the new website! Looks fabulous!

Sherrie Fowler

Foothills Alliance School

I can't tell you how happy I am with the new site.

Bryce Osbourne

Floorscapes Inc.

Everything looks and functions fantastically!

Tom Martin

Neoteric Architecture Inc.
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