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Our Company

Delivering Partnership since 1994.

Ci2's goal is to give your organization the IT insight, service, and expertise that produces a very positive Yes culture and every opportunity to be successful.

Why Choose Ci2 ?

You can feel confident choosing Ci2 because we're not a sales organization, we're an IT Team. Our goal isn't to lock you into a contract, we just want to help - whether your need is large or small. Our mission is partnership, our product is partnership, our goal is to help your organization thrive by having the IT security, performance, support, and consistency that gives your organization every opportunity to grow and be successful.

We believe when an organization gets their IT functioning well, IT pays (returns value) every day. Many organizations suffer high costs and negative impacts of average, non-strategic, IT. This shows up in average employee productivity, slow workflows, and day to day morale challenges.

For an example, consider the possibility and benefits of how "well delivered IT" can enable a 5 to 10 percent improvement in employee productivity (payroll efficiency).

50 Staff x $75,000/annual salary = $3,750,000 payroll

10% bump in productivity with Strategic IT > getting people working smarter and faster.

= $375,000 potential to take on additional work (growth) without hiring.

Low margins, rising expectations, and tighter deadlines, are forcing organizations to identify new ways of doing 'more with less' while simultaneously seeking to distinguish their services and value in a competitive marketplace.  We believe IT is one of the critical keys to achieving this.  Our team believes that the priorities of financial stewardship and technology leadership can coexist.

"Embracing the benefits of technology while simultaneously seizing every opportunity to economize is our mission as your Strategic Partner."

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Our Philosophy

Ci2's Philosophy: Only the different make a difference.

Information Technology is a necessity but is seldom "tuned" to have a strategic impact.

Ci2 isn't interested in just being another vendor or supplier.

Ci2 wants to be your partner: a truly strategic partner that can contribute to your success by serving you well and sharing freely from our 29+ years of insight and experience.

Looking to improve your IT?