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Need to be More Productive?

We have the Biz Tools to make your daily tasks easier!

At Ci2 our passion is to provide businesses with technology solutions. Our clients know us as their strategic partners in their daily technology challenges. We have taken our 20 years of experience and business acumen and channeled it into these four robust business tools.

Read about the tools below and click on the demo button to try them out!

Digital IN / OUT Board

Our amazing IN / OUT board lets you know at a glance who's IN, who's OUT, and when people are coming back from their meetings or vacation. It's versatile and easy to use!

Equipment IN / OUT Board

Track critical equipment location, condition and specific asset identification. We give you access to device specific detail for calibration or other essential information.

Project Tracker

Excellent visibility on progress, deadlines and capacity. No wasted time gathering data on projects, comparing calendars, Gantt charts & project managers.

Quote Tracker

We know quotes drive business development. Use this active dashboard to know what quotes are going out the door and the ranking of your sales people.

Need more features?

All our programs are tailored to your company and employees. From the look and feel to the functionality, we customize the system to fit your unique needs. We will work with you to fully understand your businesses processes to deliver a product that increases efficiency and reduces frustration. After all, technology should adapt to you, not the other way around.

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